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Optimizing CI Build Scripts and Enhancing Developer Experience with CMake Presets

· 7 min read
Christopher McArthur
C++ DevOps Expert

Managing build scripts, especially in C++, can be a daunting task for development teams. CMake, with its powerful toolkit, offers a solution to this challenge. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of CMake presets and explore how they can significantly reduce CI build script complexity, leading to a more efficient and enjoyable development experience.

The Challenge of Build Scripts in C++

C++ teams often struggle with an extensive list of build systems, introducing layers of complexity. CMake, when mastered, becomes a game-changer. This blog focuses on CMake's key pillars: toolchains, presets, and build scripts. Understanding their roles and interactions is crucial for achieving a streamlined developer experience and unambiguous CI workflows.

Join us on a journey where we'll:

  • Empower developers with effortless configuration and cross-platform builds.
  • Simplify CI pipelines for efficient testing.
  • Elevate project maintainability and collaboration across diverse environments.